Product and care instructions

Indoor furniture

Our wooden furniture for indoor use are usually made from solid beech. The surface is stained and varnished. We use only environmentally friendly and water-soluble stains and paints that meet the latest environmental standards.


We have to except explicit colour deviation, due to the different textures and colors of wood, processing technologies, as well as the producing of the individual models by different suppliers.


Please do not put the furniture out of direct sunlight. Color changes caused by solar radiations are no grounds for complaint. Wood furniture, which we supply raw, possible must be surfaced again by ground completely due to the storage time before further processing.


For selected wooden chairs and barstools, we provide a 4-year warranty on the strength of the frame. This is possible because the respective chairs and bar stools are made with proven, traditional technique, the predominant use of manual labor by trained personnel. The frames are mortised and glued and some models even screwed. They are basically fully assembled.


This 4-year warranty on the strength of the frame assume the appropriate use of these chairs or bar stools, the prevention of improper use or an above-average stress, and requires the attention of this product and care instructions .


This particularly includes the regular checking of the gland (if present), especially at the beginning of the use and the tightening of this screw connection after 8 weeks of use, and then again after 6 months. We also recommend the use of floor glides to reduce the braking effect of the wood in some floor coverings.


Some seats have wheels. These are please to assemble without a metal hammer, but should be pressed, or be gently tapped with a mallet so that it can not be damaged    


The bentwood furniture that we offer are manufactured with proven technology of classic furniture with a long manufacturing tradition. Bentwood is bent over hot water, steam, then clamped into metal molds and dried. A design feature of bentwood furniture, which guarantees a high load stability - are the bolts in the individual bent chair parts, who can work flexibly, without breaking.


The wood is a living material that works and therefore it is normal when the chairs unencumbered wiggle a bit. If the chair is loaded, the legs kick up and the chair is stable and straight again.


Please check the glands and drag if necessary. The over-tightening the screws should be avoided. The glands have been checked repeatedly, especially at the beginning of the use, because bentwood respond initially to the seating load. It is advisable to connect screws after 8 weeks of use, and then again tightened after about 6 months.


Depending on soil conditions, the models must be provided by you with sliders, so that the braking effect of the wood is reduced to the flooring. We offer you gladly the corresponding slides. Wet soils can also attack the stain of tables and chairs and cause discoloration. If you use felt pads, so pay attention to the wear. Worn glides can damage the floor permanently.

Compared to maintenance of wood furniture it's important to make sure that they are never cleaned wet, but only with a cloth and without the addition of maintenance products.

The surface must be rubbed dry immediately, otherwise it may cause paint damage. With real wood veneer panels, it can also cause swelling or detachment of the veneer. Wet clothes, umbrellas, etc., may not be placed on wood furniture, because the moisture can also cause damage.


When use of table tops with real wood veneer or solid wood make sure that no sharp objects (glasses, ashtrays, candlesticks, etc.) be parked without a coaster on them, because the clearcoat paint can be scratched.


Chairs may not be put on freshly wiped countertops. When maintaining this table is particularly important to ensure that this tables are never cleaned wet, but only with a cloth and without the addition of maintenance products. The surface must be rubbed dry immediately , otherwise it may cause paint damage.


The specified fabric needet for upholstery only applies to small and plain-colored patterned fabrics, with a fabric width of 140 cm. For the quality of submitted customer fabrics, we can assume no liability. For flat fabrics the right side of the substance must be labeled.


In the care of materials, which were used as cover material for upholstery,please note the information at the particular type of material in the catalog or on our website.    


If your furniture is covered with faux leather (imitation leather), we recommend regular cleaning with special leather cleaners, avoiding the use of solvents and abrasive products. A cleaning with clear water is not sufficient. Our offered genuine leather comes from European grey cloth and is processed according to EU standards. Leather is a durable product of nature. But by usage, sweat, sunlight, moisture, etc. the leather gets dirty and dries out. In order to preserve the beauty and the natural protective function of leather, regular care is necessary.

Leather upholstered seating should not be exposed to direct sunlight or be near the heater - the leather fades quickly and becomes fragile and brittle.


Wet leather should be dried slowly at room temperature - first may squeeze a little with towels. Particularly daily used leather furniture should be impregnated and nurtured so that they remain supple and retain its fresh appearance. Therefore care products contains wool fat (lanolin) - oils or waxes - too preserve the suppleness. The care must be tailored to the type of leather, so there are differente products for smooth leather and suede. For our furniture we use smooth leather.


In case of visible contamination the leather should be cleaned with a mild cleaner. Depending on use, the leather need to preserved every 3 to 6 months with a foster milk.         


Discolouration of clothing in bright leather has increased in recent years. In such leathers, we recommend regular treatment of the contact surfaces with a leather seal. This prevents the discolouration moves in too deep. Previously clean!

The compatibility of care products should always be pre-tested on an inconspicuous area.


Table and table bases (except folding tables) are always sent disassembled and must be installed by the customer. All table frames can be combined with all the tops from our program (exceptions: aluminum frames with slabs of stone or glass panels with table racks without receptacle provided for systems). For foreign products, we furnish no guarantee. Self-assembly of table bases and tops must be properly made on the basis of our installation instructions and notes. Please note the maximum table size for each table bases ensures the state and steadiness in normal use. Single column racks are in principle not to plaque formation.


When mounting the plates on the table rack according to installation instructions its important to make sure that the table is dropped on a soft surface to prevent damage on the top of the table is not created.

Our granite slabs are provided with an MDF lower plate as a direct attachment of the granite table top with the table frame is not possible.


Outdoor furniture

Our furniture for outdoor use are either made of aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, steel or cast iron or steel pipe in combination with different plastic materials or wood. Please note the advices if the furniture is fully weatherproof or only suitable for the covered outdoor area.

The aluminum furniture are light but stable, easy to stack and completely weatherproof. The anodized, polished or powder-coated surface of the aluminum tubes ensures a long service life. Only in indoor pools, the surface can be attacked by chlorine and sharp disinfectants.


Some items have a fully braided aluminum structure. The materials are tear-resistant and UV resistant. Clean the furniture only with (soap and) water and please avoid the use of chemical cleaning agents. This also applies to chairs with polyesthe fabric, which is characterized by a high tensile strength and weather and UV resistance. This fabric cares, caused by their tissue structure, for a rapid drying. One fungicide therapy prevents fungus.


Furniture which are made of stainless steel are very durable, weatherproof and easy to clean, but also prone to scratches and stains. Stains remain on the smooth surface not liable and can be easily removed. Stainless steel also offers a bad micro-organisms flourish. For general care for example a damp cloth (preferably microfiber cloth) with all-purpose cleaner or stainless steel cleaner is advisable. Then wipe dry with a lint-free cloth. For cleaning in between also window cleaners are quite good, grease pollution helps a normal detergent. If stainless steel is once even more polluted then please do not rub with scouring powder or steel wool. This can damage the protective layer of stainless steel, in the worst case it remains deep grooves or scratches. Rather give the cleaner on a cloth, than cover the contaminated site and let soak. Then wipe again wet and rub dry. Also please do not put steel wool on the stainless steel, because air or rust can be deposited on the stainless steel and is then difficult to remove. Equally unpleasant may have a spilled salt. It can be combined with liquid form hydrochloric acid which gradually make tiny holes in the stainless steel.


Some modells of outdoor furnitures we offer teak, black locust wood or asian oak. This teak furniture and teak table tops and furniture with asian oak and black locust wood are usually untreated. To preserve the natural character and protection from the weather, the models must be treated prior to first use with a care oil. Without regular oil treatment the woods, teak and acacia wood, are becomes a silvery patina and its surface gets rough and brittle. However the durability of tropical hardwoods is indipendent from an oil treatment. Furniture made of asian oak have to be treated periodically in each case with a care oil, otherwise this may be damaged by moisture.


The table tops made of stainless steel (INOX- tabletops) consist of an MDF core, which is not waterproof. When used outdoors, therefore, all holes are sealed with silicone, so that no water can penetrate and swells the MDF core. The tops should only be used in the covered area. In principle, outdoor tables are not stored "upside down", because the water, caused by the commonly used edge shape of the tables, can not drain off.